Lego: The Croc Swamp Hideout

Lego Chima playsets have really taken the stage in the Lego community. With all of the amazing new characters and extremely detailed playsets, I am not surprised that the Lego Chima playsets are thriving. The new Lego Chima Croc Swamp Hideout has tons of cool Lego Chima characters and tons of detail on both the minifigures and the Croc Hideout! Now you and your Croc army can thrive and prosper in their secret cave of evil, but Leonidas and Lennox will not let these Crocs have any time to hatch a plan to steal the legendary orb of Chima. This playset has over 640 Lego pieces, five minifigures, and tons of playable features that will keep your kids entertained for hours! With speeders, traps, catapults, and missiles, who will win the epic fight for the swamps?

Price: $69.99
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