Panosphere 360-Degree Spy Cam Hands on Review

Have your kids ever wanted to become a spy? If they have then the Spy Gear Panoshpere 360 Spy Cam is the toy for them! With this piece of equipment you can easily spy on your friends or siblings without any trace that you were ever there. This spy cam has the ability to transform into a different piece of spy gear equipment to fit any type of scenario. You can place this spy cam on the floor, on your bike, or on any flat surface that the suction cup will allow. You can also adjust the angle of the camera to make it easier for the camera to capture certain areas or your home. This camera also has 360 viewing capabilities. But how will the Panoshere store all of this footage? Don’t worry, the Panoshpere comes equipped with its own memory card! This memory card is safely tucked away at the end of this toy to ensure that it will not fall out or break while the Panoshpere is being used. Having eyes everywhere is key for any kind of secret agent, and with the Spy Gear Panoshpere 360 Spy Cam your kids can be the ultimate spy!

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