Planet Orbeez – Adventure Park Hands on Review

The new Orbeez playset, Ali’s Adventure Park, is one of the coolest Orbeez play sets that I have ever seen. With a working Ferris Wheel, slide, and pool, the new Ali’s Adventure Park Play Set is more than just your average Orbeez toy! This play set also has Orbeez themed characters. Instead of faces on the Orbeez characters like Sanura, Ali, and Mika, this playset has a slot for and Orbeez ball. The animals also have Orbeez slots to give the animals more variety and personality. At the top of the play set there is an Orbeez dispenser that will drop your Orbeez balls down a spiral tube into a pit where the Ferris Wheel can scope up your Orbeez balls and bring them for a ride. Or you can take your Orbeez balls and characters and slide them down the slide where they will land into a pool full of Orbeez balls. The pool also has miniature accessories to make the pool feel more lively! Overall, the Orbeez Ali’s Adventure Park Play Set is fun to use and full of different features that will prolong your kid’s playtime with this toy. Orbeez toys have grown from being tiny, little expandable balls to gigantic play sets with Ferris Wheels and slides!


Video hands on review:

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