Zoomer Your REAL Best Friend Hands On Review

Have you ever wanted a dog before? Have you ever thought about having a best friend that will play, learn, and explore the world with you? If you do then Zoomer the interactive dog is for you. Zoomer is not just any robot. Zoomer truly is a toy that can become your best friend. He has the ability to listen, learn, and interact with his environment just like any real dog. All of this may sound super awesome, but there is a catch to Zoomer that may shock you. To get Zoomer to listen and behave like most dogs you have to train him. Yes, you have to train Zoomer. Just like any dog, Zoomer needs to be trained before he becomes the obedient dog that you are picturing. Training Zoomer is easy and fun! All you have to do is click on zoomers back button and say commands such as “Zoomer sit” or “Zoomer play dead” and Zoomer will listen to you! Over time Zoomer will become a well behaved little puppy. Once you finish training with Zoomer you can leave him on and watch as he explores your home and gets comfortable. Zoomer can do anything from stretching t peeing in his free time. Overall, Zoomer truly acts like a real dog. He needs to be trained and acts like a real dog when left alone. Zoomer truly is a one of a kind dog that is looking for a friend like you!

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Hands on review:

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