LEGO Minecraft Micro World – The Village and The Nether

Are you addicted to Minecraft but tired of playing it on the computer? Now you can build your own Minecraft world with LEGO bricks! Recreate your own 8-bit world in real life with the new Minecraft LEGO series featuring these Micro Worlds: The Village and the Nether. With the Minecraft Village set, you can build and protect your village from invading zombies at night and grow and raise livestock to feed the villagers. If that scenery is too bland for you, take the Obsidian portal and enter the Minecraft Nether region where danger is everywhere. Avoid the flowing lava and watch out for those pesky ghasts and zombie pigmen! Let your imagination run wild! You can even expand your world by combining both the Village and the Nether sets for never ending fun! The Micro World Village set comes with iconic characters from the Minecraft game like the villager, the pig, and the zombie while the Micro World Nether set comes with two ghasts and a zombie pigman.

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