Star Wars Return of the Jedi The Vintage Collection Tie Interceptor Vehicle

Your Star Wars collection is certainly not complete without the Star Wars Return of the Jedi Vintage Collection Tie Interceptor! Known for its incredible speed and sleek design in the movie, you’ll definitely want the Tie Interceptor to be a part of your battle arsenal. Within a blink of the eye, the Tie interceptor can escape enemy cross-hairs, frustrating your enemies, leaving them in the dust, and allowing for the perfect counterattack. This vintage piece comes with detachable wings to replicate the chaos that occurs in a Star Wars galactic battle, creating the ultimate combat experience. Assembly is required but there is no need for any extra tools so you can join the battle effort soon. This collectible item comes along with the Tie Interceptor instructions. Don’t let the Star Wars Tie Interceptor slip away from your sights like it does from its enemy attackers! If you’re a toy collector or a fan of the Star Wars series, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get your hands on this vintage item.

You can find this item at Amazon or check out our Star Wars Return of the Jedi Tie Interceptor Vintage Collection tracker.

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