Mooshka Dolls

These paper dolls sprung to life when they joined hands, and through the strong power of friendship became actual huggable girls called the Mooshka Dolls! There’s many to collect, like Zana, Deava, Misha and Karia. Each doll comes with their bubbly and lovable personalities and interests. Zana loves ladybugs and whenever she sees one she likes to make a wish, Karia, her sister, loves summertime, warm weather and picnics. Their friend Deava loves looking at stars and giving them new names, and Misha loves baby animals. Each one has a unique and fun personality that is a great way for children to build their own unique adventures upon. Each doll is machine washable and is 9.5” in size. They have Velcro on their hands to be able to hold hands with their other Mooska friends. Each doll comes with a finger puppet dolly and has unique details that separate her from the other dolls. Includes a string of paper dolls.

Price $12.99
Ages 2-4 years old
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