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CONTEST OVER: Flutterbye Fairy Giveaway

Stop by and vote for your chance to win a Flutterbye Fairy. List price is $34.99. Start date September 1, 2013 – End date September 14, 2013.

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Zoomer Your REAL Best Friend Hands On Review

Have you ever wanted a dog before? Have you ever thought about having a best friend that will play, learn, and explore the world with you? If you do then Zoomer the interactive dog is for you. Zoomer is not just any robot. Zoomer truly is a toy that can become your best friend. He has the ability to listen, learn, and interact with his environment just like any real dog. All of this may sound super awesome, but there is a catch to Zoomer that may shock you. To get Zoomer to listen and behave like most dogs you have to train him. Yes, you have to train Zoomer. Just like any dog, Zoomer needs to be trained before he becomes the obedient dog that you are picturing. Training Zoomer is easy and fun! All you have to do is click on zoomers back button and say commands such as “Zoomer sit” or “Zoomer play dead” and Zoomer will listen to you! Over time Zoomer will become a well behaved little puppy. Once you finish training with Zoomer you can leave him on and watch as he explores your home and gets comfortable. Zoomer can do anything from stretching t peeing in his free time. Overall, Zoomer truly acts like a real dog. He needs to be trained and acts like a real dog when left alone. Zoomer truly is a one of a kind dog that is looking for a friend like you!

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LEGO Minecraft Micro World – The Village and The Nether

Are you addicted to Minecraft but tired of playing it on the computer? Now you can build your own Minecraft world with LEGO bricks! Recreate your own 8-bit world in real life with the new Minecraft LEGO series featuring these Micro Worlds: The Village and the Nether. With the Minecraft Village set, you can build and protect your village from invading zombies at night and grow and raise livestock to feed the villagers. If that scenery is too bland for you, take the Obsidian portal and enter the Minecraft Nether region where danger is everywhere. Avoid the flowing lava and watch out for those pesky ghasts and zombie pigmen! Let your imagination run wild! You can even expand your world by combining both the Village and the Nether sets for never ending fun! The Micro World Village set comes with iconic characters from the Minecraft game like the villager, the pig, and the zombie while the Micro World Nether set comes with two ghasts and a zombie pigman.

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New and Hot Toys for Christmas 2013

To reduce your frustration of “out of stock” hot toys and video games for this Christmas season come check out our zooLert web site. We do the heavy lifting for you by constantly hunting for NEW/HOT toys and video games; we update our site constantly to make sure that we are on top of all of the hot and hard to find products. Let us know if you don’t see a product you think should be tracked; we would be more than happy to track it for you. Below are toys, video games and other products we think might be HOT for this upcoming Christmas season.

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Hot and new video games for 2013

Hot and new product trackers for 2013

Upcoming video games (pre-order) for 2013 and 2014


BoomBoom Balloon Hands On Review

Who will be the next person to pop the balloon? BoomBoom Balloon is a great game for ages 8 and up, and for as many players as two and up. A simple, easy-to-learn game, BoomBoom Balloon comes with a balloon frame, 12 balloons (each with a black face printed on them), a die, 10 plastics sticks with ridges, and game rules. To play you simply take turns rolling the die, and the number you roll on the die is the number of times you must push the ridged sticks into the balloon. The first player to pop the balloon looses! Although you are only given 12 balloons, any regular balloon works for this game as well. This game lasts around 15 minutes.

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Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall Hands On Review

Love to shop? Then Kawaii Crush’s Hyper Happy Mall is the place for you. Let Holly Molly Shop Shop show you around! With five different places to play in, and loads of accessories at each shop, the fun is endless. The five shops are: the adorable pet shop where you can purchase a kitten, bunny, or poodle and get them groomed and washed, the fashion boutique that comes with twelve plus fashion accessories, like different clothing options, a mannequin, shoes, and more, the Photo booth with two different backgrounds for you to take pictures with, the snack bar that includes eight yummy pieces your dolls can munch on and more. This playset also includes a working elevator to bring Holly Molly Shop Shop to the first/second levels of the mall. With over 40 accessories and the exclusive Holly Molly doll.

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Crayola Marker Maker Kit

Kids will love Crayola’s Marker Maker Kit. They can create their own colors using the mixing guide, or let their imaginations run wild and create their own one of kind colors. Once the marker core draws the ink in just click it together to finish your unique marker. The kit includes 16 markers, three inkbottles, a mixing guide, marker labels, and two marker storage boxes. Easy to use and a fun way for your children to get creative.

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Star Wars Return of the Jedi The Vintage Collection Tie Interceptor Vehicle

Your Star Wars collection is certainly not complete without the Star Wars Return of the Jedi Vintage Collection Tie Interceptor! Known for its incredible speed and sleek design in the movie, you’ll definitely want the Tie Interceptor to be a part of your battle arsenal. Within a blink of the eye, the Tie interceptor can escape enemy cross-hairs, frustrating your enemies, leaving them in the dust, and allowing for the perfect counterattack. This vintage piece comes with detachable wings to replicate the chaos that occurs in a Star Wars galactic battle, creating the ultimate combat experience. Assembly is required but there is no need for any extra tools so you can join the battle effort soon. This collectible item comes along with the Tie Interceptor instructions. Don’t let the Star Wars Tie Interceptor slip away from your sights like it does from its enemy attackers! If you’re a toy collector or a fan of the Star Wars series, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get your hands on this vintage item.

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Flutterbye Fairy Hands On Review

One of the best things about toys is that they are always evolving. I remember when your average Barbie doll was the special go to toy for girls. Now Spin Master has made a new toy that will surely steal the spotlight. The Flutterbye Fairy comes with one fairy, one stand/charger, and instructions. This fairy looks like your average doll, but it has a very unique twist that makes this more than your average doll. The Flutterbye Fairy has the ability to fly, but this doll does not need a controller or any type of remote to fly. All this toy needs is a little kick starter and the help of your hands. First you place the toy on to the stand that comes with the toy then click a button to get your fairy started. Once your fairies wings begin to spin you can place your hands under the fairy to keep the fairy afloat. Easy to use and extremely unique, this toy is exactly what the universe of toys has been missing.

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