Walking Dead Season 4 Returns this October

It seems like it was just yesterday since I’ve seen the season 3 finale of the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is by far my favorite TV show of all time. The show has a perfect combination of action and drama. From the characters to the walkers, everything in the show blows my mind! Now AMC has announced that Season 4 of the Walking Dead will be coming out. They just released a new season trailer that you can check out. Trust me, once you start watching the show you will not be able to stop!

The Season 4 trailer gives us a ton of insight on Rick’s group and the struggles they will face throughout the season. From walker herds to a mysterious break in at the prison, Rick and his group will do whatever it takes to stay alive and keep themselves safe. Hopefully, season 4 of the Walking Dead will be as intense and action packed as season 3. Once the show airs on October 13 at 9pm, I will be ready to engage myself in the most dramatic and zombie filled TV show on air up to date!

Check out the Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer:

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