Barbie in Pink Shoes

If your girls loved the Barbie in Pink Shoes movie, they can continue the fun and adventures with the Barbie in Pink Shoes toys. offers a variety of movie related toy sets and dolls, as well as DVD’s. The Barbie in Pink Shoes Pink Vanity Furniture set and Purple Armoire Furniture set each comes with a ballerina doll and detailed accessories so your child can recreate scenes from the movie or create their own fun new stories. As well, offers the Prince Siegfried doll, the Giselle doll, the Odette doll and much more, each coming in adorable outfits that resemble those in the movie. Finally, also offers clothes that your child can wear, such as slippers, bracelets, a tote bag, and more. Dress your little ballerina up as she plays with her Barbie in Pink shoes doll sets and dolls.

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Price from: $13 – $15.

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