Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Roto-Arm Revolution

Expand your Hot Wheels race tracks with Hot Wheel’s wall tracks. These wall tracks bring new tricks, faster speeds, and exciting new adventures to Hot Wheels racing. To get started match up the track mounts to the template given, then secure the track with the included (wall-friendly) 3m command strip fastening system. Afterwards you’re ready to race your Hot Wheels cars all day long. Choose your track, the safe passage, or the wild thrills. Take the lower track and ride across the bridge to safety, or be more daring and wait for the perfect moment to defeat the spinning car crusher. As you choose different tracks to race on, beware of the rotating arms that can grab your cars! As well, you can connect this set to other Hot Wheels Wall Tracks for more continuous fun!

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Price: $44.99
Ages: 36months-12 years.

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