Monsters University Toxic Race Playset Hands on Review

Roll, Pop, Scare! The new Monsters University Toxic Race playset is a cool toy that really fits the three words mentioned earlier. The Toxic Race playset comes with flexible plastic pieces to build the race track, one, Sulley, pop-up figure, and a monster finish line. This playset is very, very simple. Not only is this playset simple to understand, but it is also simple to build. Spin master tried to keep this toy as kid friendly as possible.

Overall, the Toxic race playset receives an A+ for simplicity, but because this toy is so simple it also lacks playability. The main function of this toy is to take any Monsters University pop up figure and roll them down the race track. If you have two pop up figures then you can race them side by side. At the end of the race track there are two magnets that will attract your pop up figures and pop them up when they have won the race! Even though this toy may lack in playability, kids do not seem to mind. My younger sister was fascinated that the figures would pop up and roll down the race track. All in all, the Toxic Race playset is great for kids because it is very simple and fun (to kids). Roll, pop, scare, these are the three words that describe the Toxic Race playset perfectly! From rolling down the playset to popping up at the finish, the Toxic Race playset really can be described in three simple words!

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