InnoTab 3

For the most part, learning tablets have been a huge success. Kids love them because they think they are just playing games, and parents love them because they know that their kids are having fun and at the same time learning something new! The new InnoTab 3 is one of the new tablets that are not only a great learning tool, but will also keep your wallet from being completely emptied. At $69.99 MSRP, the InnoTab 3 comes in two colors, blue and pink. This tablet, like most tablets, uses a touch screen to move between apps and games. Unlike the older InnoTab models, the new InnoTab 3 has a built in camera. This camera will allow you to take pictures and customize photos which are just another great feature for any tablet to have. The InnoTab 3 will be available on july 17, 2013 but can be pre-ordered. Thanks to the new InnoTab 3, learning and fun have never been so closely linked together!

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