My Scare Pal Mike Doll Hands on Review

How did Disney’s little monster Mike get so famous at Monster’s Inc? Easy, he went to college to learn how to be one of Disney’s best monsters! The new Monsters University movie is already out. This means that waves after waves of new Disney monsters University toys will also be released. The My Scare Pal Mike doll is one of the cool play sets that have been created after the movie. This doll has tons of great features that will really keep your kids entertained! The My Scare Pal Mike doll can talk and interact with your kids! If you pull his legs or arms or poke his big eye then he will say a cool phrase! All of his cool little catch phrases make him fun to play with as well as fun to cuddle with. His cool catch phrases and cute design make him the perfect scare candidate for Monsters Inc, but for now Mike is stuck in college studying the art of scare.

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