My Scare Pal Sulley Review

Sulley, the monster, is back! He is here to learn how to scare his way to success! Wait did I just say learn how to scare? That’s right; Sully is not a big and bad monster yet. He is still in college! The new Disney Pixar movie Monsters University has inspired a whole new line up of toys! These toys are cute, fun, and full of excitement. The new My Scare Pal Sulley doll is one of the new play sets inspired by the Monsters University movie. This toy is more than just your average stuffed animal. It has the ability to move its mouth and eyebrows when you hold its stomach. Sulley can also talk if you turn on the toy. By pushing down on its stomach, Sulley will say a phrase or something funny! If you shake him, he will change what he says.

Now all if these features sound awesome, but how well does this toy actually perform? In all honesty, My Scare Pal Sulley works great! Not once has this toy stopped working or stopped performing properly. Even after the thousands of times that my sister has pushed on this toy, Sulley has not once budged. This is a good sign of durability. Kids can be very abusive on their toys, and by keeping this toy simple and compact Sulley will not be broken anytime soon. Durability, playability, and funability (do you like my combination of fun and ability?); all of these traits describe the new My Scare Pal Sully doll perfectly! My Scare Pal sully is a cute little monster that will keep your kids entertained with his funny catch phrases and adorable little smile.

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