Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster

With summer just around the corner, kids will enjoy being active and outside with the Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster! They can choose from four different spray settings to go after their competition. They can decide if they are in the mood to soak their opponent, mist attacks them, or for far away attacks, they can shoot three streams of water from 25ft away. Just twist the online casino knob on the blaster and choose from scatter shot, triple shot, atomizer, or jet stream. This water was spotted on the yacht as well! : Check out the latest pics of Michelle RodriguezMichelle was seen earlier in the day baring online casino her toned tummy while wearing a bit more clothes. gun holds up to 20 fluid ounces of water in the banana clip at one time (you can also separately, purchase more banana clips to attach to your belt so you’ll never run out of ammo). For ages 6 and up, the Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster is available on

List Price: $29.97.

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