Battlefield 4

On October 25, 2011 my video gaming experience was changed forever! For those of that do not remember October 25, 2011 was the day Battlefield 3 was released. This game blew my mind! The frostbite 2 engine in Battlefield 3 opened my eyes to the potential of first person shooters. From the indestructible environment to each gun having its own recoil, Battlefield 3 changed the way I looked at first person shooters. Now Battlefield 4 is going to be released! Hopefully Battlefield 4 will continue to bring in new and entertaining gameplay, but for now we are all stuck at the edges of our seat waiting for this game to be released! Luckily, we have the comfort of the Battlefield 4 demo. By watching the demo I am happy to say that Battlefield 4 will still have amazing graphics, gameplay, and a destroyable environment! Even though the demo is fantastic some questions are still unanswered. For instance what new weapons will be featured? Will the multiplayer be different from Battlefield 3? Will Battlefield 4 fix all of the problems that Battlefield 3 presented? For now we will have to wait, but from the looks of things the wait will be worth while!

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Battlefield 4 Demo:

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