Lego Friends Pencil Holder

Is anyone here a huge Lego fan? One thing for sure is that I am a huge Lego fan, but what I hate about owning a ton of different Lego sets is that they always cluster up my desks and leave a huge mess. Unfortunately, I end up cleaning my desk and the first things that have to go back into my drawers are my Lego sets. Now Lego has come up with a cute new Lego Friends set that can help you clean up that cluster on your desk without making you move the Lego sets on your desk! The new Lego Friends Pencil Holder is a very simple yet helpful new playset that can help you keep organized! This new playset can store pencils, paperclips, and other small items! This means that you can style your desk or office place with the Lego Friends Pencil Holder and not have to worry about moving it because it is helping you stay organized! With the new Lego Friends Pencil Holder you no longer have to move your Lego sets off of your desk!

You can purchase this handy dandy little pencil holder at

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