Call of Duty Ghosts

Activision has once again announced that it will be releasing a new Call of Duty game (what a surprise). From the looks of the teaser the game may be a type of game that will require stealth. The teaser was all about masks and how these objects hide a person’s face. Maybe your mask will also play a major role in this game. For now the teaser does not impress me, but hopefully the world premier will get me back into the Call of Duty series. Ever since Modern Warfare 3 Activision has really disappointed me, the company showed that they did not care about putting time and effort into making games. Instead they only cared about releasing a new game ever year. Hopefully Call of Duty Ghosts will change the Call of Duty series and my opinions on the series, but for now my eye is not on this new game.

The world premier for Call of Duty Ghosts will be on May 21st.

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Call of Duty Ghosts Teaser:

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