Trashies UTF Battle Arena

When it comes to creativity and playability most toy companies are usually on top of their game. Moose is a good example of a company that puts its time into creativity and playability for all of its toys! The Trash Pack series is a cool new series of collectible little monsters in your trash can! These squishy little trash creatures are great for anyone who enjoys collectible items. At first these toys were just collectibles, but now you can purchase Trashies playsets that can shot, spin, and catch your Trashy toys! The Trash Pack Ultimate Fighting Trashies UFT Battle Arena is a playset that has extended the Trashies universe! This playset comes with one trashies figure, one UFT arena, instructions, a spinner, and guards for your arena.

This playset has its pros and cons. First let’s talk about the pros. The playset is creative and has tons of great features. You can easily take any of your trashy characters and place it onto the spinner. It is extremely fun to watch, and you can play as many games with your friends as you would like! Even with all of these amazing features the playset does have a bit of downsides. The playset may require an adult to assemble, but overall it is pretty self-explanatory. The only other downside that I was able to find with this playset is that it only comes with one spinner and trashies collectible, but otherwise the product preformed amazingly! The Trashies UTF Arena is a cool and fun playset that can really entertain!

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