LeapFrog Introduces LeapReader

Teaching your child to read and write can sometimes be difficult for both you and the child, but Leap Frog’s new Leap Reader can ease that difficulty. For ages 4-8 the Leap Reader uses an electronic pen device that is compatible with books in the LeapReader library. The LeapReader’s pen can trace over words in the books and the sensor at the tip of the pen will “read” the words. The pen helps your child to read by sounding out letters, words, and phrases. The LeapReader pen can also be used with other items in the LeapReader library, such as their maps, flash cards, book sets, and audio books. What makes the pen unique is Leap Frog’s addition of writing functionality. Users can use the pen in accompany of LeapFrog Writing Paper (the paper shows letters and words as they are written with the pen) and they can trace letters and words. The Writing Paper comes in different Learn-to-Write sets; each set comes with its own guide for users to learn how to form letters and words. At the top of the pen is a headphone jack, and on one side of the pen is a USB port which you can connect to your PC to download more games and activities. The pen holds 256MB of memory, equivalent to 40 books or 175 songs. Available in July, this item will be sold for $49.99

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