Coming soon, the EZ DJ Pro allows anyone to become a DJ. Use this device to DJ and MC at actual parties! For under $60, you can do things on this DJ Pro board that professionals have been practicing to do for months, with ease. As simple as connecting it to your iPad, iPhone or Android, download the free app, and turn your device into a legit DJ setup. From the songs it loads from your music library, this device can perform a multitude of DJing techniques. Including matching the mobile casino beat between two songs, scratching, sampling tracks, looping beats, and much more, with all this you can become a professional DJ overnight. You can even record at the same time you lay down your tracks, even more, DJ live with their built-in speakers! With so many possibilities who needs to hire a DJ when you can become one? Simple enough to use, this device is great for ages 8 and up.

Video from Hak5Darren:


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