Hot Wheels Spinshotz Play Set

After seeing the Spinshotz play set at the toy fair this year I was so excited for its release! Now you can finally get your hands on these cool new tops! Hot Wheels has really tried to expand and make as many different types of toys as possible. From there cool new Ballistic toys to the Spinshotz play sets Hot Wheels has created so many cool new toys that will surly expand the Hot Wheels universe. Even though these tops are not cars they can still pick up a ton of speed! You can launch these spinners from their launch pad and watch as they zip across the race track! Hot Wheels toys have always been about speed and with the new Spinshotz play sets the racing has just gotten a whole lot faster!

Check out the zoolert tracker for the new Hot Wheels Spinshotz Play Set

Hot Wheels Spinshotz Video:

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