The Walking Dead Season 3 Reaction

Hopefully everyone has already seen the Walking Dead season 3 finale. One thing for sure is that I have already seen the season finale at least three times (once during the season finale premier and twice a couple of days after the season finale). This season finale was dramatic and full of amazing action. I remember how excited I was for the return of the mid-season premier and now the season is already over! The Walking Dead Season 3 finale left me speechless and full of questions. Like where is the Governor going to go? How is the group going to take care of all of the new survivors that they pick up from Woodbury? Are Carl and Rick going to become even more distant? And is The Governor still going to attack the Prison? With all of these questions I am super excited for season 4 of the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead “Welcome to the Tombs” was a fantastic episode. It left me with thousands of unanswered questions and had a ton of great action! Hopefully season 4 of the Walking Dead will be able to top the breath taking events that occurred in season 3!

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