Air Hogs GyroBlade

The new Air Hogs GyroBlade is a huge improvement from the older Air Hogs heli models! This new helicopter comes equipped with a full 3-channel control and gyroscopic stabilization! This will allow for easy flying and better control of your helicopter! With a reinforced metal body and a stabilizer the new Air Hogs Gyroblade is going to dominate the skies!

Discover the aggressive flight of the Air Hogs GyroBlade! This hobby-inspired heli delivers advanced flight characteristics for R/C pilots who are ready for the next-level of flight. With full 3-channel control and gyroscopic stabilization, the Sky Blade is a state-of-the-art high performance R/C heli. Its metal reinforced body provides enhanced protection against crash landings making it extremely durable. Get the ultimate R/C thrill and cut through the atmosphere with the incredibly fast flight of the Air Hogs GyroBlade!
Age: 10+
Suggested retail price: $39.99
Batteries: 6 AA

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