DreamWorks Dragons Giant Fire Breathing Toothless

Everyone’s favorite animated dragon is coming to life! Toothless is here and ready for some adventure! Even though this dragon may seem like an ordinary toy dragon it actually has a secret power that will shock and amaze everyone! If you are a fan of Toothless the dragon then you know that being a Night Fury means that you need to be able to breathe cool blue fire. What kind of a dragon would you be if you couldn’t breathe fire! The new DreamWorks Dragons Giant Fire Breathing Toothless actually has the ability to make it look like he is breathing fire! Safe water vapors create blue fire and steam to make it seem like Toothless is getting ready to breathe fire! Toothless is hungry for some action and with his ability to scare off foes and breathe blue fire there is nothing that can stop this Night Fury from protecting its owner!

DreamWorks Dragons Giant Fire Breathing Toothless

Toothless breathes realistic-looking fire as you’ve never seen it before! Safe water vapor creates amazing blue “fire” and “steam” that must be seen to be believed. Giant Fire Breathing Toothless also features a 23-inch wingspan and launches two glow-in-the-dark fireballs. It’s the must- have toy of the year for anyone who loves dragons!

Each Giant Fire Breathing Toothless Includes:
1 Giant Fire Breathing Toothless
2 Glow-in-the-dark projectiles
Innovative, never-before-seen “fire breathing” feature
Massive 23-inch wingspan!

Suggested Retail Price: $34.99
New for Fall 2013!

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