Barbie Color Chalk Hair and Digital Makeover Mirror

Mattel has announced that they will be releasing more amazing accessories for everyone’s favorite doll! Barbie now has even more accessories to play with! First we have the new Chalk Hair! This is a creative new way to add cool streaks and colors to style Barbie’s hair! Add rainbows or specific colors onto Barbie’s hair to make her look cooler. Other cool accessories include Barbie’s Digital Makeover Mirror. With the Digital Makeover Mirror you can transform your iPad into a mirror! With the Digital Makeover Mirror anyone can look just like Barbie! By selecting different options and adding different makeup you can style yourself to look just like any Barbie doll! Barbie is ready for some new styles and with the new Chalk Hair and Digital Mirror Barbie can continue to accessorize with new and more fashionable products!

Video from NY Toy Fair 2013:

Barbie® Color Chalk Hair*
Representative of real-life trends and style, the Barbie Chalk Hair salon doll allows girls to create a rainbow of hair styles for the world’s most fashionable doll. Girls pick a chalk filled color pod, clip a section of Barbie doll’s hair and swipe down – color appears as the pod moves over hair. Girls can add multiple streaks, blend colors and style for unique, creative and customizable looks.
ARP: $21.99 Age: 5+ Available: July

Barbie™ Digital Makeover Mirror*:
Enjoy a fabulous, makeup-free makeover with the Barbie™ Makeover Mirror. Transform an iPad® into a digital mirror by sliding it into the vanity frame. Girls can then look into the “mirror” and select options like eye shadow, lipstick, color, and glitter. Use the included applicator to apply virtual makeup to the girl’s live image on the iPad® screen! Facial tracking technology keeps the digital makeup in place as the girl moves, just like she’s really wearing it! Girls can make a digital scrapbook of their favorite makeover looks.
ARP: 69.99 Age: 6+ Available: August

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