Air Hogs Sky Stunt

Flip, spin and loop-dee loop! All of these tricks can be performed with new Air Hogs Sky Stunt! This new r/c plane is modeled after high flying stunt planes which can perform all of the crazy stunts listed above! Not only can this plane perform crazy stunts but it can perform crazy stunts up to 300 ft away from the controller! Thanks to the planes radio communications it can be 300 feet away from the controller and still function properly! Loops, spins and flips have never been this easy thanks to the new Air Hogs Sky Stunt!

Air Hogs Sky Stunt!
Get dangerous with the sky-high action of the Air Hogs Sky Stunt! Perform gravity defying stunts all with the push of a button. Perform insane loops, stalls, corkscrews and banked turns. Sky Stunt is styled after agile air race planes for smooth flights and features radio frequency communication for outdoors use at up to 300 feet! Take to the skies with the all-new high performance Sky Stunt Plane – Get Dangerous!
Age: 10+
Suggested retail price: $39.99
Batteries: 6 AA (not included)

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