Air Hogs Hyperactives 5

Crash, roll, flip and drive! The new Air Hogs Hyperactives 5 is a ruthless force in the r/c world! What makes this new r/c so special? Most r/c cars only have four wheels. Each of these wheels are dependent on one another. If your r/c car flips over then you have to reset your car, but the new Air Hogs Hyperactives 5 has five wheels to work with! If your car flips over or does a barrel roll then it can get back up and keep on driving! Why chose four when you can have five amazing wheels on the new Air Hogs Hyperactives 5!

Hyperactives are fast on four wheels and unstoppable on five! The all-new Hyperactives 5 is a relentless 5-wheeled R/C stunt vehicle. Drive, flip, crash, roll and keep on going! The 5th wheel generates extreme torque allowing for high-impact, fast action stunts! Jump it, roll it, or flip it, the Hyperactives 5 will even drive when it’s upside down. Take on any terrain as the shock compression tires absorb obstructions so you can take on any obstacle. You’re never out of the race with the Air Hogs Hyperactives 5!
Age: 8+
Suggested retail price: $34.99
Batteries: 6 AAA

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