Air Hogs AtmoSphere

Have you ever made anything levitate with the palm of your hands? If you haven’t then the new Air Hogs AtmoSphere is the toy for you! This cool new toy by Air Hogs does not need a remote control to function properly! All you have to do is turn this bad boy on and watch as this magical hovering ball levitates over anything! You can even place your hand underneath this magical device and watch as it gently hovers above it! Magic has never been this easy to preform and with the new Air Hogs AtmoSphere you can make it seem as if you are controlling a flying ball with just your hand!

Video from NY Toy Fair 2013:

Soar to new heights with the Air Hogs AtmoSphere™! This powerful levitating sphere requires no remote control and hovers above any surface! Control it with the palm of your hand or watch it fly autonomously in any space! Its spherical shape allows the AtmoSphere™ to smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings for non-stop flight. Complete with a palm-sized charging cradle, the AtmoSphere™ is easy-to-use and recharge. Take control with the palm of your hand and discover the high-tech hovering power of the Air Hogs AtmoSphere™!
Age: 8+
Suggested Retail Price: $24.99
Batteries: 6 AA

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