Hot Wheels Carcade

Don’t throw away your old Hot Wheels cars just yet! Hot Wheels has merged Skee-ball, pin-bal and their Hot Wheels cars into one big new game! The new Hot Wheels Carcade is a cool new cars game where you can shot your Hot Wheels cars up a ramp to score points! Try to beat your high score by shooting for as many points as possible! Only the best of the best can master an arcade that features Skee-ball, Pin-ball and hot wheels! Do you think you have what it takes to master the new Hot Wheels Carcade?

Video from NY Toy Fair 2013:


Hot Wheels® takes thrilling vehicle play to the arcade for family fun and gaming challenge! Hot Wheels® vehicles make their table top game debut with the Carcade inspired by classic pinball and skee-ball play. Gameplay centers on speed and obstacles and lets kids and the kid-at-heart use racing and launching skills in an action-packed car-cade setting. Choose to play solo or against opponents while fine tuning skills and winning tactics. To play just shoot the cars like pinballs and hit blinking targets in time for the best score! Race against the clock as you angle your launcher and shoot each car towards the blinking targets! Make it to the victory round, try to land in the winner’s circle and get the top score. Lights and sounds turn this arcade into an awesome family attraction. Comes with one die-cast car. Batteries not included.

ARP: $79.99 Age: 5+ Available: July

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