Air Hogs Megabomb R/C Helicopter

No enemy is safe from the new Air Hogs Megabomb R/C Helicopter! This crazy new R/C helicopter is full of surprises! Even though it looks like an ordinary helicopter is packs a secret weapon that can instantly be launched on top of its enemies! What is this surprise exactly? Well if you click a special button on the heli remote it will release a bomb! Once this bomb makes contact with its target or the ground it pops open and missiles will fly out from the bomb! The new Air Hogs Megabomb R/C is full of surprises, and with a bomb that explodes and shots missiles, the enemy will never know what hit’em!

Video from NY Toy Fair 2013:

There’s never been a more devastating heli than the Air Hogs Megabomb! The first ever bomb dropping R/C helicopter. Loaded with dual rotors and Steady-Fly Technology, the Megabomb delivers exceptionally smooth flight for bomb dropping accuracy. Pilot the Megabomb into position and initiate the release mechanism. When the red LED blinks, you’re ready for action! Push the launch button and deploy – on impact the bomb will release 3 additional missiles for total devastation! Lock on your target with the first ever bomb-dropping Megabomb!

Age: 8+
Suggested retail price: $39.99
Batteries: 6 AA

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