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HEXBUGS is switching gears and are no longer focusing on just bug products! Tagamoto is a new HEXBUG product that is modeled after everyday cars! These cars use state of the art technology to run commands on special tracks by reading the bar codes on the tracks. Each bar code has a different command and the more tracks you collect the more actions your car will perform when it is riding along the track! It’s time to shift gears from bugs to cars because the new Tagamoto cars will have any HEXBUG fan head over heels for these crazy new toys!

New York Toy Fair Video:


HEXBUG® Creator Shifts Gears to Drive Tagamoto™ Motorized Vehicles & Road Sets Into Target Stores Nationwide GREENVILLE, Texas – Sept. 28, 2012 – Innovation First International, creators of the wildly popular and internationally recognized HEXBUG® Micro Robotic Creatures brand, today announced the launch of its new Tagamoto™ motorized vehicles brand and product line. The company is expanding into the vehicle category by bringing high-tech, innovative movement to micro-sized cars via its patented HEXBUG Nano motion technology, and combining that with a new code reading system that provides interaction between kids and their vehicles more than ever before. Tagamoto motorized vehicles read and react to codes with lights, sounds and movement, making each driving experience different. Due to hit Target stores this Fall (mid-October) just in time for the holiday shopping season, the new brand marks Innovation First’s ongoing expansion at retail.

“By combining our proprietary HEXBUG Nano motion technology with this new code reading system, we are differentiating Tagamoto from other products in the vehicle category by enhancing kids’ ability to control their creative play experience,” said Chris Troyak, president of Innovation First Labs, Inc. “Tagamoto, our new line of motorized vehicles, gives kids the power to essentially engineer their own play environment, control where their vehicles go, and most importantly, how they interact within that environment – stopping at stop signs or toll booths, revving engines, drag racing, or pulling into a parking lot at the end of the day.”

The initial assortment of Tagamoto products available at launch will include 26 battery operated cars to collect, along with a variety of Road Sets, City Road Sets and the Enforcer Road Set, which include easy- to-connect track pieces, codes and accessories for kids to use to build their own customizable sprawling city landscapes. Tagamoto motorized vehicles have working headlights and taillights, and more than 15 different sounds including engine revving, car horns and sirens that are activated by codes placed strategically on the road. Additionally, each Tagamoto motorized vehicle features three different modes of customizable play:
1) Off Road – No roads required, runs on any smooth surface, press and hold “ON” button for 4 seconds;
2) Roads & Codes – vehicles read & react to codes placed on the road, codes sold separately with playsets;
3) Free Roll – wheels snap down to free wheel for non-motorized creative play.

“Target is thrilled to team up with creators of HEXBUG for this new venture, and we can’t wait to wow our guests with the Target exclusive launch of Tagamoto motorized vehicles,” stated Stephanie Lucy, merchandising vice president of toys, Target.
New Tagamoto motorized vehicles and road sets available this Fall at Target include:
● Tagamoto Vehicle with Lights (MSRP $5.99): Includes 12 collectible vehicles with working headlights and taillights that react to codes on the road. Each sold separately. CPSIA approved for kids ages 4 and up.
● Tagamoto Vehicle with Lights & Sounds (MSRP $7.99): Includes 8 collectible vehicles with working headlights and taillights, and more than 15 different sounds that react to codes on the road, including engine revving, car horn and sirens. Each sold separately. CPSIA approved for kids ages 4 and up.
● Tagamoto Road Set (MSRP $14.99): Includes one collectible lights & sounds vehicle that reacts to codes on the road, more than 10 bar-codes, and over 20 easy-to-connect pieces, including – one straight, four curves, one cul-de-sac, one three-way tee base, four street lights, one overhead road sign, three road cones or barrels, three street signs, one flip-down diverter, and either one.

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