Hot Wheels Spinshotz Rail Rip Race set

Speed, speed, speed and more speed! The new Hot Wheels Spin Shotz Rail Rip Race set is all about speed. The spinners in the set are the definition of speed and aerodynamics! These spinners are sleek and full of racing potential. You can either play a points game with these new spinners or you race them to see who has the ultimate spinner! Hot Wheels has always been about speed and with the new Hot Wheels Spin Shotz Rail Rip Race set Hot Wheels just got a whole lot faster!

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Video from NY Toy Fair 2013:


For the first time ever, kids can take Hot Wheels® for a whirl—literally— with Spinshotz™ top toys. Delivering the performance and action of Hot Wheels® to disc-shaped stackable spinners, Spinshotz™ go beyond traditional vehicle-based play with the ability to speed, accelerate and fly through obstacles. The Spinshotz™ Rail Rip Race Set offers a perfect race-space to amp up play including stunts, twists and hair-raising turns. To get competition started, place the tops in the sets motorized launcher to send Spinshotz™ down the orange track. Once on track, the launchers can be continuously used to send the discs spinning around in a high-speed chase. For heart-pounding thrills, kids can hit diverter switches on the track to change course and engage or try and avoid crazy collisions! Best of all, the set is fully expandable to add on more Spinshotz™ track for unlimited stunt fun! Comes with one Spinshotz™ track disc, one booster, two diverters and assorted track pieces.

ARP: $39.99 Age: 5+ Available: July

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