Artsee Studio

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Color, color, and more color! The new Artsee Studio is an iPad accessory that will send your kids on a colorful journey! This new iPad accessory comes with a studio that will allow your kids to draw, play and create (the Artsee Studio is compatible with the iPad 1, iPad 2, and iPad 3). The studio does need the Artsee Studio app to function properly, but the app is free and downloads in seconds! More and more iPad accessories are being launched, and the Artsee Studio brings more fun and creativity into the world of art!

Draw, Paint and Animate with ArtSee Studio™

Let your kids be taken on an interactive journey of color, sound and motion. ArtSee Studio™ is a visual and innovative drawing kit, which can transform simple drawings and paintings on the iPad into animated games and activities, leaving your kids longing for more! The magical ArtSee adventure begins by securing the iPad 1, iPad 2 or iPad 3 into the protective ArtSee iPad case. The free application is available for download in the App Store. Using the wide range of interactive ArtSee tools, kids can quickly turn a blank canvas into an explosion of the color, sound, movement, games and activities. The creativity is endless!

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