Wham-O Snowball Blaster

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Have you ever been in a snowball fight before? If you have then you know how annoying it is to make snowballs while you are getting pelted in the face with snow. The Wham-O Snowball Blaster is here to solve your problems! The new Wham-O Snowball Blaster is pretty much an advanced slingshot that can sling snowballs up to 80 feet, but here’s the catch. This slingshot allows you to store up to three snowballs on the blaster which you can use to shot down your opponents! Making snowballs with the Wham-O Blaster is easy! All you have to do is open a container on the blaster and fill it with snow. After your containers are filled with snow you need to close the container and presto you have perfectly made snowballs! You can now shot down your friends with snowballs and not have to worry about making snowballs after every shot!

The Wham-O Snowball Blaster retails for $19.99

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