Crysis 3 Beta Impressions

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I can’t believe that I have not yet written a blog on the Crysis 3 beta! I have been so busy playing the beta that I completely lost track of time! Yes, Crysis 3 is just that fun! The game has superb graphics and the close quarter FPS action is amazing! FPS games have really grown and are easily becoming one of the best categories for games. Crysis 3 takes the best aspects of FPS gaming and adds a unique twist. There are two game modes in the beta, but my favorite would have to be the Hunter game mode. In this game mode you are either a Hunter or a CELL operative. Hunters run around with bow and arrows while cloaked. Cell operatives need to survive the incoming Hunters for a certain amount of time. The game is filled with close quarter action and is something that I will surely be looking forward to this February!

The game will be released on February 19,, 2013 and retailing at $59.99. I am really looking forward to seeing the full game!

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