DJI Phantom

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R/C helicopters have really grown over the past decade. I remember in 2003 when Air Hogs seemed like they made the coolest R/C helicopter on the market. Now other companies want a piece of the R/C helicopter action! DJI has not just created a new and improved helicopter, but they have revolutionized the Helicopter R/C industry! The new DJI Phantom R/C helicopter is by far the most technologically advanced helicopter I have ever laid my eyes on! The helicopter might leave a HUGE dent in your wallet (MSRP: $849.00), but the technology behind the DJI Phantom is phenomenal! The Helicopter has a built in GPS tracker to locate where the heli is at all times. It also has a camera that allows you to take pictures and or videos of your flight! The new DJI Phantom may be expensive, but for a new R/C helicopter it sure packs a ton of new and unbelievable gear!

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