Disney Infinity

The famous Skylanders are about to face off with a deadly new opponent, but who would actually be crazy enough to go up against Activision’s famous line of Skylander products? Out of all the companies to challenge Activision, Disney was the one to do it! The new Disney Infinity series is very similar to Activision’s Skylander toys. Disney Infinity comes with a plastic figure that is modeled after famous Disney heroes, and a game platform that is used to turn them into video game characters. The difference between Sklanders and Disney Infinity; besides the characters, is that Disney Infinity features a game base that can hold up to three characters at once. This will allow users to add variety and of course more characters into the game. The Maps are huge and related to each Disney Hero. For instance you may see Jack Sparrow’s boat or the Monster Inc University. Disney wants to compete with the all famous Skylanders, even though they maybe the “underdogs” in this field of gaming you shouldn’t count them out just yet! Disney Infinity will be released sometime in June (2013) and can be used with your PS3, Xbox 360, PC, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U.

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