Battroborg Coming to the US

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Here at zoolert we try our best to inform everyone about cool and new toys that are about to be released. Recently we heard about a cool new toy called Battroborg. These cool new toys are wirelessly controlled by a remote which makes them shuffle around and swing punches. These Battroborgs really caught our eye but when we heard that Battroborg was released in Japan only we were pretty upset and frankly a tad bit jealous. At first it was upsetting, but soon after we heard that these cool new robot fighters would eventually hit retailers here in the US! These new battling robots will be released during Christmas time and the price of the toy may vary. The toy will cost about $70 for a battle arena (includes two Battroborgs and an arena) or you can purchase one separately for about $30. Nothing is set in stone yet, but hopefully they will be soon.

Battroborgs make fighting fun and easy. These robots have a wireless controller that you use to make them throw a punch and shuffle forward. The controller works just like a Wii remote (it is also pretty ironic that they look very similar to a Wii remote); by swinging the remote your robot will throw a punch and shuffle forward. The two-piece remote can be swung back and forth to make the robot look like it is fighting. Unfortunately, the robot does not have any control of its legs, but the punches that it throws are so powerful that it shuffles forward every time you take a swing. The robot also has a scoring device. The head of the robot is sensitive to any contact. This means that if the robot is hit in the face a light will appear to indicate that it has been struck. The robot can take four punches to the face before being disabled. Pairing the robot is also very simple. First turn off the remote and the robot. Then turn on the robot first and then the remote and presto your robot is paired with the remote! Christmas may seem like a very long time from now, but if we just wait a little longer the Battroborgs will finally be available for everyone in the US!

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