Blue and Red PlayStation 3

Sony has decided that the black PlayStations 3 Super Slims are getting a little old and that it is time for a new and more sleek PS3! Sony has released two new colors for the PS3 Super Slim, garnet red and azurite blue. These cool new colored PlayStations will be released in Japan and is rumored to spread to Europe and the United States. We can only keep our hopes up that these new PlayStation Super Slims will hit the Shelves of American Retailers! The PS3 Super Slim will retail for around $279 and will come with 250GB. So far Sony has not announced anything for the release of these cool new PS3’s anywhere else but Japan, but hopefully we will see them sometime before Sony releases their new PS4 so that all gamers can have a little more variety when purchasing a PlayStation!

We will add to these white, blue and white PS3 systems to the PS3 Super Slim Tracker when they are available in US.

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