Skylanders Giants Eye Brawl

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Skylanders are sweeping the gaming universe with their new and revolutionary gaming products! First with the Skylanders series one toys to the Skylanders Giants. The Skylander universe continues to grow! Now Activision hopes to continue the expansion of the Skylander universe by releasing the new Skylanders series 4 toys! So far there is only one new Skylander that can be purchase, and he is the new Skylanders Giants Eye Brawl. This Skylander Giant is big, bad and ready for some gaming action! The Skylanders Giants Eye Brawl figure comes with 1 trading card, 1 sticker sheet with web-code, and the character Eye Brawl. Skylander Giants are starting to grow and expand the Skylander universe, hopefully the new Eye Brawl Giant will make the Skylanders universe bigger and better!

The set retails for $14.99

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