Furby Party Rocker

The fluffy, funny, and lovable Fury dolls are back! The new Party Rocker Furby’s are cool, sleek, and full of attitude! Each Furby has a unique personality which makes them all special in their own way, but no matter which Furby you have they all love to party and have fun! Each Furby features a moving mouth, small body motions and sound effects! These small motions make the Party Rocker Furby really seem like a true friend. These features will keep your kids entertained and add more playability to the Furby doll. The doll speaks in its own language, but you can download an app to help you translate what the Furby is saying! Now you can actually communicate with your Furby friend! These new Furby friends are itching for a good time and hopefully you love to party because the all new Party Rocker Furby’s are ready to play!

The Furby Party Rocker dolls are for kids ages 6 and up and will retail for $19.99.

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