Tomb Raider Coming Out in One Month

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One month from today Tomb Raider is going to be released! I have seen some game play at the 2012 New York Comic Con and I have to say the game looks very intense! You are put into the shoes of a young girl named Lara Croft. She is forced to survive and push herself beyond any human standards. After her ship was destroyed in a storm she is now forced to live of her instincts and she will have to use her senses if she wants to stay alive. Young Lara Croft will turn from a young girl into a mature adult who can survive anything! Will Lara Croft really make it out alive? Will she ever find help? No one will know until March 5, 2013 when you get to put yourself into the shoes of Lara Croft the survivor!

Tomb Raider Trailer:

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