La Dee Da Doll

Meet Dee, her and her other doll friends have created a fashion label, called La Dee Da. Their looks are never boring and ordinary, they’re outrageous and fun. Collect all eight dolls and mix and match clothes. Dee comes with one outfit, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, one pair of shoes, a flower accessory, a bow, a doll stand, a Dee-singer booklet, a sweater, one portfolio and 3 sticker sketches. Get creative because Dee’s outfit can be worn many different ways. Shorten her leggings into leg warmers, re-position her bow to the center, bottom or top of her dress, adjust her skirt to make it a tight bubble skirt or poof it, remove her sweater for a more summery look, or keep it on for a fall chic look, use her flower headband as a belt, and style her sparkly red-brown hair, there’s endless possibilities with Dee. Any designer can create masterpieces with these La Dee Da Dolls, for ages 5 and up.

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