Return of the Walking Dead Season 3 (Second Half)

WOW! The Walking Dead season 3 mid season premiere is only a month and a week away! The Walking Dead TV show is a huge success! It has accumulated over 10 million viewers and is still growing! The season overall has been a real treat and is surly my favorite TV show up to date! With zombies, action and drama, nothing can compare to the thrill that the Walking Dead produces! The mid-season finale of the Walking Dead really left you with a huge cliff hanger! Daryl and Merle have been re-united, but are threatened with death by the people of Woodbury. Thankfully the trailer reveals Daryl running in the woods so there is a good chance he will not die, but let’s keep our fingers crossed just in case the producers throw us a curve ball! Also other surprises are occurring, like Andrea finally figuring out that Rick’s group is still alive and Carl telling Rick to throw in the towels for being leader! The season 3 trailer is really leaving me at the edge of my seat and I cannot wait for the season to return this February 10, 2013! Hopefully the Walking Dead season 3 (Second Half) will continue to bring us action, drama and ZOMBIES!

AMC Walking Dead Season 3 Mid-Season premiere:

Sneak Peek Walking Dead Season 3 Suicide King:

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