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Disney Infinity

The famous Skylanders are about to face off with a deadly new opponent, but who would actually be crazy enough to go up against Activision’s famous line of Skylander products? Out of all the companies to challenge Activision, Disney was the one to do it! The new Disney Infinity series is very similar to Activision’s Skylander toys. Disney Infinity comes with a plastic figure that is modeled after famous Disney heroes, and a game platform that is used to turn them into video game characters. The difference between Sklanders and Disney Infinity; besides the characters, is that Disney Infinity features a game base that can hold up to three characters at once. This will allow users to add variety and of course more characters into the game. The Maps are huge and related to each Disney Hero. For instance you may see Jack Sparrow’s boat or the Monster Inc University. Disney wants to compete with the all famous Skylanders, even though they maybe the “underdogs” in this field of gaming you shouldn’t count them out just yet! Disney Infinity will be released sometime in June (2013) and can be used with your PS3, Xbox 360, PC, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U.


CONTEST OVER: Pixar Lightning McQueen AppMates Giveaway

We’re giving away the Pixar Lighting McQueen AppMates! This nifty little toy works hand in hand with your apple Ipad. Use it to bring to life the free downloadable Cars app and explore the Cars world while playing different games. It’s easy to use, just download the app, place the car on the screen, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

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Battle Tank

Desk Pets has announced that they will be releasing a new line of Desk Pets toys. The new Desk Pets Battle Tank can be wirelessly controlled with your iPhone. These tiny tanks have easy to use controls and can interact with other Desk Pets toys! The new Battle Tank by Desk Pets may look small but is sure packs a big punch!

Action-packed micro-robotic BattleTank with two interactive modes makes its entrance at the 2013 International Toy Fair, Booth #3215

TORONTO- January 21, 2013 – Desk Pets International (HK) Limited, maker of interactive and action-packed micro-robotic toys and gadgets, announces the launch of BattleTank, a palm-sized robotic tank that is fully controllable through both Apple® and Android™ mobile devices. BattleTank comes equipped with two navigation modes allowing the tank to roam freely or charge into action to race and battle in multi-player mode. Desk Pets will unveil the BattleTank and showcase their full lineup of micro-robotic toys, including CarBot, SkitterBot, TrekBot and more, at Toy Fair 2013, booth #3215, taking place February 10-13 in New York City.

Check out the BattleTank in action: BattleTank: Ready, Aim, Fire!

Equipped with a variety of play modes, sounds and maneuvers, BattleTank has a personality all its own. In free-roaming mode, the BattleTank takes the helm, acting under its own direction and sounding off with engine-revving noises. You can also take control of the BattleTank to chase down an autonomous drone tank (purchased separately) or re-enact your favorite tank battles with a friend, firing at enemy tanks and even other Desk Pets. Each successive hit from your opponent slows down your tank, making it a greater battle to beat your challenger. With a single BattleTank, you can also navigate over or around obstacles on your desk such as pens, notebooks, coffee cups or your keyboard. A built-in battery and USB flip down charger minimize battery costs, giving your BattleTank hours of inexpensive fun and giving you a break from mundane work days!

With Desk Pet’s free downloadable iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android application, you can fully control BattleTank with your mobile device. Now with updated graphics and functionality, the user-friendly app includes a product guide, device optimization and a universal remote to control your favorite Desk Pets. For BattleTank, the app features dual joystick steering allowing for realistic tank maneuvers by powering left and right tracks individually. You can also use the fire button to attack enemies and the boost button to give a temporary power lift to your tank. Each BattleTank comes with a smartphone adapter that easily plugs into the headphone jack of your mobile device. Once connected, the application is compatible with BattleTank and other current Desk Pets products.

“BattleTank brings military precision to app-controlled toys with its infrared sensors and smart free-roaming technology,” said David Piltz, Managing Director of Desk Pets International (HK) Limited. “At less than $25 dollars and with budget-friendly USB charging, this interactive tank is perfect for kids and adults, and fun for the whole family to play with in multi-player mode.”
Desk Pets’ newly designed website showcases the brand’s award-winning micro-robotic toys. Additionally, Desk Pets’ updated mobile apps bring new, colorful graphics and improved functionality to the brand’s full line of robots, including the new BattleTank. Now users can control all of their Desk Pets through one versatile app.

“From iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to Android, our app is compatible with almost all mobile devices, letting you completely control your BattleTank with an easy-to-use digital universal remote,” said Michael Trzecieski, Managing Director of Desk Pets International (HK) Limited.

BattleTank Features
Fully controllable by iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android mobile device application
Free-roaming mode with various sounds
Multi-player mode for battling and racing
Retractable USB charger built into body of the product; 40 minutes of charge = 25 minutes of play
Comes in white, olive and green
BattleTank is available now for $24.99 at, and will make its official debut at the 110th annual American International Toy Fair at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. You can catch BattleTank at Booth #3215. For more information on Desk Pets International (HK) Limited or to book a Toy Fair booth appointment with Desk Pets International Managing Directors David Piltz and Michael Trzecieski, please contact PR representative Tiffany Iwankiw at (305) 347-4404 x140 or by email at

About Desk Pets International:
Founded in 2009 Desk Pets International (HK) Limited creates innovative and environmentally friendly micro-robotic toys and gadgets. The creator of TankBot, SkitterBot and TrekBot, Desk Pets is already making an impact on the toy market. Desk Pets won the Popular Science Toy of the Year Award in 2011 for the TankBot. Desk Pets is committed to creating highly interactive micro-robotic toys at an extremely affordable price. For more information, please visit


Battroborg Coming to the US

Check out the zoolert tracker for availability on the Battroborg toys

Here at zoolert we try our best to inform everyone about cool and new toys that are about to be released. Recently we heard about a cool new toy called Battroborg. These cool new toys are wirelessly controlled by a remote which makes them shuffle around and swing punches. These Battroborgs really caught our eye but when we heard that Battroborg was released in Japan only we were pretty upset and frankly a tad bit jealous. At first it was upsetting, but soon after we heard that these cool new robot fighters would eventually hit retailers here in the US! These new battling robots will be released during Christmas time and the price of the toy may vary. The toy will cost about $70 for a battle arena (includes two Battroborgs and an arena) or you can purchase one separately for about $30. Nothing is set in stone yet, but hopefully they will be soon.

Battroborgs make fighting fun and easy. These robots have a wireless controller that you use to make them throw a punch and shuffle forward. The controller works just like a Wii remote (it is also pretty ironic that they look very similar to a Wii remote); by swinging the remote your robot will throw a punch and shuffle forward. The two-piece remote can be swung back and forth to make the robot look like it is fighting. Unfortunately, the robot does not have any control of its legs, but the punches that it throws are so powerful that it shuffles forward every time you take a swing. The robot also has a scoring device. The head of the robot is sensitive to any contact. This means that if the robot is hit in the face a light will appear to indicate that it has been struck. The robot can take four punches to the face before being disabled. Pairing the robot is also very simple. First turn off the remote and the robot. Then turn on the robot first and then the remote and presto your robot is paired with the remote! Christmas may seem like a very long time from now, but if we just wait a little longer the Battroborgs will finally be available for everyone in the US!


White PlayStation 3 Super Slim Bundle

You can purchase the new white PlayStation 3 Super Slim at Amazon

Finally Sony has announced that they will be releasing the new WHITE PS3 Super Slim in the US. On January 27, 2013 Americans will finally be able to purchase a white PlayStation! This new PlayStation bundle comes with 500 GB of hard drive, a white dual shock controller, and one whole year of PlayStation plus! This bundle is perfect for any new PlayStation 3 users because with the PlayStation plus you can test out exclusive PS3 games such as Little Big Planet 2 or Infamous 2. These games make the PlayStation unique and with PlayStation Plus you have access to most of these PlayStation 3 exclusive games. Retailing for $299.99 the bundle offers more than enough to satisfy newcomers or any PlayStation fans!

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Blue and Red PlayStation 3

Sony has decided that the black PlayStations 3 Super Slims are getting a little old and that it is time for a new and more sleek PS3! Sony has released two new colors for the PS3 Super Slim, garnet red and azurite blue. These cool new colored PlayStations will be released in Japan and is rumored to spread to Europe and the United States. We can only keep our hopes up that these new PlayStation Super Slims will hit the Shelves of American Retailers! The PS3 Super Slim will retail for around $279 and will come with 250GB. So far Sony has not announced anything for the release of these cool new PS3’s anywhere else but Japan, but hopefully we will see them sometime before Sony releases their new PS4 so that all gamers can have a little more variety when purchasing a PlayStation!

We will add to these white, blue and white PS3 systems to the PS3 Super Slim Tracker when they are available in US.


Marvel Iron Man 3 Assemblers Action Figure

Hasbro has announced that sometime this spring (2013) they will be releasing a new line of Iron Man action figures. These action figures are not your typical toys; they have interchangeable parts which will allow you to combine different figures onto your Iron Man action figure to make him the ultimate hero! The new Marvel Iron Man 3 Assemblers Action Figure will come in six different designs and can be combined with other Iron Man 3 Assembler figures to create 25 different looks and styles for your Iron Man action figure. With the announcement of the Iron Man 3 movie and the new Marvel Iron Man 3 Assemblers Action Figure, Iron Man fans are sure to have their hands full for this year!

Product Information:

– Retail Price $9.99
– Coming to stores Spring 2013
– For kids ages 4+
– 3.75 inch action figures


DJango Unchained Action Figures Were Pulled Off The Market

The Weinstein Company announced on January 18th that they pulled the Django Unchained action figures, from Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained movie, off the shelves. Tarantino has made many films such as Inglorious Basterds, and as well there were action figures created for that movie. However there were many complaints that the action figures from this particular movie were unsuitable for kids, being that they vulgarize slavery, and a few advocacy groups even called for a boycott of the figurines. The movie is for adults, but these are action figures , a wire, a computer data recovery services bus). that appeal to children. Since the announcement, these toys have gone up in cost, originally selling for $39.99 on Amazon, these action figures are best online casino now being listed for up to $4,000 and over on ebay and Amazon (Third Parties). Broomhilda action figure is the highest listed price among other action figures. If you happen to get your hands on one or all of these controversial collectors’ items, hold on to them, who knows how much they’ll be worth.

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Monster High Swim Class Doll Tracker

Mattel again is coming out another new set of Monster High Swim Class Dolls Draculaura, Lagoona Blue and Venus McFlytrap. Release date is in January 2013.

Need an in stock alert, check out our Monster High Swim Class Doll Tracker


Free Kindle Books

It looks like books are still in fashion! Even though books are not exactly what they used to be the new electronic books on your kindle are just as good! Having all of your favorite books on a portable device is extremely useful, not to mention that it also save you a ton of space in your home! But what happens when you’re out of money and you still want new books to read on your Kindle? Easy, go to the zoolert Free Kindle book search to find any new free book for your kindle! You can choose any category you want such as fiction, non-fiction, romance, humor, history and so much more! With our help and your support zoolert can help you find any free Kindle book that you are searching for! Check out where to find our Free Kindle book search by reading the steps down below.

After reading this blog you are probably wondering, where is zoolert’s Free Kindle book search? Just follow these quick and easy steps to find your Free Kindle book!


1) Go to
2) At the top right hand corner of the website there should be a drop down menu that says “Tools”
3) Click on the drop down menu that says “Tools” and go down to “FREE Kindle Books”
4) Click on “FREE Kindle Books”
5) Look for words that say “Find FREE Kindle Books by Category” (the words are a light green color)
6) Select a category
7) Click on the button that says “Display FREE Kindle Books”
8) Find the FREE book that you are looking for and enjoy!

More options to search for Kindle books:

1) Go to
2) At the top right hand corner of the website there should be a drop down menu that says “Tools”
3) Click on the drop down menu that says “Tools” and go down to “FREE Kindle Books”
4) Click on “FREE Kindle Books”
5) On the right hand side of the page there should be a grey box (this box has red text which reads “To search for FREE Kindle books, enter prices 0)
6) From here you can chose a category, subcategory, language, keywords, Author, Publisher, and Price (from and to – If you want FREE Kindle books put in 0 for “Prices From $” and “Prices To $”)
7) Once you are finished click Display Price List
8) Find the FREE book that you are looking for and enjoy!

You can also click on the link below to re-direct you to the FREE Kindle book search at zoolert:
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