New Lego Hero Factory Heroes and Villains

You can find all of the new Lego Hero Factory Villains and Heroes by checking the zoolert tracker

The Lego Hero Factory is under attack! The new villains Bruizer, Pyrox, Scarox and Ogrum are using their unique mutated brains to out-smart and destroy our heroes, but our new heroes Furno, Bulk, Rocka and Breez are prepared to take on these villains! Each of the new villains has a unique brain that controls their every move! Each brain is filled with pure evil and is attaches to the back of their mask. With such unique brains how will the Heroes ever fight off the villains? Simple, each hero has a unique mask and weapon that will make him more powerful and ready to tackle these new mutated brains! All of our Heroes are counting on you to stop the new villains from taking over the Hero Factory!

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