New Lego Chima

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Lego is once again creating a new line up of Lego play sets! These new Lego sets will be called The Legends of Chima! The Legends of Chima is about four different animals all trying to take control of a special chi orb that gives each animal a unique power! This special chi ball will also enhance the power the animals vehicle, but getting the chi is not so easy. Laval the lion and Eris the eagle seem to be the good guys trying to protect the chi from the evil hands of Worriz the wolf and Cragger the crocodile. The world of Chima was at peace until Cragger and Worriz wanted to use the chi to power their weapons of destruction. Will Eris and Laval stop these monsters from taking the chi? It is up to you to stop these monsters from taking the chi and saving the world of Chima! The new Lego Chima play sets will be released on January 1, 2013.

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