Legends of Chima Rip-Cord Vehicles

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The Legends of Chima is a new Lego series which features the brawl between good and evil animal tribes. These new Lego sets aren’t just huge buildable vehicles/buildings; they also have cool rip-cord vehicles that you can actually play with! These vehicles use advanced rip-cord technology to propel any vehicle you would like! Using the rip-cord vehicle is pretty simple, all you need to do is put the rip-cord into the vehicle and pull as hard as you can, this will activate a trigger that sets of the wheel in the front of the vehicle. Once you release the vehicle it goes flying in the direction that you faced it! These vehicles are small and compact, making them fast and furious! This is perfect for all of the sleek animals like Eris the eagle! These vehicles make each animal unique, and with the help of the special chi ball each vehicle receives enhanced powers to make both the animal and vehicle stronger! Will the animals of Chima survive the battle for the mystical power of chi, or will the evil animals of Chima consume this mysterious power and use it for their evil doings? It is all up to you with the new Chima play sets! These new play sets will be released on January 1, 2013.

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